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Destination Spain

Fully supported bicycle trips are designed around rural Spain with particular emphasis on its culture and traditions.


Best Times: September - May.


We start in Alcudia north of Mallorca and do a similar route as the Mallorca Around Race which normally takes place in the end of April every year.


This trip is approximately 400 km. We spend 5 days and 4 nights. The trip is full of adventures, beautiful sites and scenery. 

We have a cycling guide, who speaks both norwegian and spanish, leading the trip. The group has to be minimum 6 people to be able to keep the price reasonable. 


The price includes guides, bikes, breakfast and a party with dinner to end this fabolues adventure. A van which will follow us is also included. 


Please contact us for further itineraries and to discuss desired times.

We ride in September, Oktober, November, April and May.

May 2015 has only one tour which starts on 2 May and returns on

7 or 8 May. For other months custom made trips are available.


Best Times: September - May.

Castilla Y Leon is the high plane above Madrid. The trip here suits  groups as well as companies as a kick off trip.
2000 years in 4 days!


More information coming soon!


Click also read more for more information.

Granada - a contrast’s trip…

Best Times: October.

Seeing the landscape and cultural diversity of Granada on a bicycle.

• The Cave Houses: we’ll enjoy one of the most antique ways of living in the World, which still is nowadays a usual way of living in the region of Guadix. Various nights in cave houses will allow us to value the exceptional conditions these houses under earth offer.

• We’ll visit the Megalithic Park of Gorafe. In the valley of the river Gor, in the municipal areas of Gor, Gorafe and Villanueva de las Torres, we find one of the biggest concentrations of Dolmens of the whole Europe, around 198.


Santiago de Compostela

Best Times: September - May.

This trip starts in Santiago and ends in La Guarda. ​

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