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Sogndal - Sognefjellsvegen - Galdhøpiggen - Lillehammer

Over the top of Norway

Sogndal, Sognefjellsvegen, Galdhøpiggen to Lillehammer

Let us start in Sogndal, where there is an airport.

We spend one night in Norway`s oldest Hotel situated by the shore of Lusterfjorden, one of the arms of the remarkable Sognefjord.
We also suggest, while we`re here, to visit Urnes Stave Church.

The next day we ride to Turtagrø and spend the night there, almost at the top of Norway. From here we continue to the top and enjoy the view of the glaciers Fanaråken and Smørstadbreen.



We spend the next night at the foot of Galdhøpiggen before we hike the next day to the top.


Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway and in fact also in Northern Europe, reaching 2469 meters above sealevel.

We are in Jotunheimen! After a great experience reaching the top and having made it safely back down to the bikes we continue towards Lom for another historical night. The next two days we enjoy the beautiful backroads and end our trip in Lillehammer.



This trip is with half or full support. Full support meaning: luggage transport and riding guide.
Half support: A van following with your luggage, no riding guide.

This trip is scheduled for 5 nights and 6 days, but can easily be extended or shortened.



Total km trip:

  • From Sogndal: 370 km

  • From Skjolden/ Turtagrø: 300 km/ 290km.


Season: May - September   


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